Responsive Mobile DesignOptimized your website to adapt to all mobile devices.

We are an extremely detailed oriented team of experts in creating responsive mobile websites. Responsive development isn’t just the new web fab, the future is mobile – the internet research firm presented data indicating mobile users would surpass desktop users in 2014 and with a 55% increase in smartphone and tablet devices. Responsive is the new way people will access your online business website. Today users are browsing your website on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones devices. If your current website isn’t optimized for all of these devices, you might be turning off potential customers do to the lack of poor experience. Our team at Bradient is ready with the tools require in helping your new website be mobile ready.

What is Responsive?

Responsive design is the technology by which we design and developed fluid a framework that automatically optimizes and adjusts the content of the site as per the resolution of the device itself for any screen size. Responsive mobile websites adjust to any type of OS devices such as Android, Apple IOS or Windows Phone. This transitions makes your website look clean and professional that’s because the framework on you website automatically detects the type of resolution is being displayed. With responsive design, you do not have to have a separate mobile, tablet and desktop versions of your websites, because the responsive framework will adjust to whatever the resolution is being displayed. Whatever device your visitor is using, they will always see the entire website content you have to offer.

Why Should you have a Responsive design website?

If you are running an online business or your restaurant website user experience is essential to the way you display your content. If the user is not allow to view your website on any mobile devices they will be turned off and take their business elsewhere. Responsive development ensures that your visitors have the best experience while browsing your website regardless of the device that they use to browse your content. Having a responsive fluid website that adapts to any mobile devices is essential to your business in keeping your visitors happy.

Why use Bradient to help you build your responsive site?

We are a Los Angeles based web design agency and everything we do is Made in LA. we do not outsource our work. We feed on bringing your dreams and ideas to reality by using all the skill need it in making your business grow.

So tell us a little about what you’re looking for and how we can get in touch.