Brand Development & Design Establish your identity as a business

Bradient, your Los Angeles based corporate identity firm, can help establish your business identity, whether your company is new or already established, it’s never too late to improve your business Corporate ID. At Bradient you’ll find that working with our team of experts will help deliver a more effective branding image for your firm.

Brand development can help establish your identity as a business in transmitting a more clear message to your consumers by improving your sense of professionalism, this just one reason in why branding is essential to your business. Some benefits of good branding is to create a positive association with your customers, you must show your customers a reason to trust your products or services on an emotional level, and brand development can help.

Brand Identity begins with the development of your logo. We first explore all aspects of design such as typography, color, uniqueness and versatile. We will present you with a variation of several dozen logo designs. Once you choose the logo and it has been finalized, we will help you develop a slogan brand expression that would ensure the brand is expressed consistently. We have worked with various start-ups in L.A. and existing companies in developing a clean professional business identity. We offer all major printing Corporate ID services that consist of Invoices, Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes and Brochures, all part of the different packages for your corporate identity.

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